Album: DOT Ep (2012)

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Song: Triage

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Day of OKC based Alternative Metal band,exploded onto the scene in the summer of 2010 Aug. 28th with a high energy set of songs and a mind melting stage show.Juice-lead vox, RudyDro-lead/rhythm guitar, Kadius Maximus-lead/rhythm guitar & Jman-Drums , would continue the next year ripping up the staged with bands like - Rikets - THC - Mushroomhead - Scum of the Earth & Skinlab, plus record a 3 song demo/EP at Pirated Sound Studio's to show the world the music they have created. They also had the privilege to work with Axiom405 / videographer Jay Armmon and recorded their first video for the Hit Single " Triage".You can find this video on both youtube as well as ( ).Recently,DOT had to replace their drummer do to unexpected life events and hard choices.The newest family member- Gnarly Nick "the Animal" Sanchez -.had also brought new and exciting ideas to the table for the up coming material.The band also had found a new friend and co-member of the music scene Jesse Sloan,who would fill in on the bass guitar for a few months.Finally they had found what was to be their last member, JAMESON a bass playing monster to bring the Thunder to their music.DOT had taken the summer of 2011 off to rebuild their game plan....Its 2012 and they have already stirred up the atmosphere with Ventana and Shadowas Fall this year. Driving themselves, they continued to book shows and write a script for a new video.Shortly before recording was to start on their second video,they lost their drummer "Nick" and of course had to put everything on hold.After several auditions,a few fill ins (Levi Dickerson and Tommy Tucker) and a few months of searching they finally met their new drummer-Sean "The BAKER" Powell in the fall of 2012.With his life time of playing and hard hitting drum lines,Sean would bring a fresh breath of life back to the band.Getting them back on the stage were they all belong.The band continued to book shows and write new material.After a few short months RudyDro had decided to part ways with the band.Moving on as a four piece searching for a new guitarist,the band took another hit and Jameson Funkyfingers would also part ways with DOT.Not knowing what would happen next ,the remaining three members pushed on,booking shows such as Soulfly,Fear Factory and more.It had been roughly eight months and the guyz would be re-united with RudyDro to help bring the original sound of DOT back to the scene,just in time to share the stage with touring acts like,Ill Nino,Non Point,Unearth and more.It is now fall of 2013 and Day of Tragedy is doing what the universe expects out of them.Writing new kick ass material,finishing up their first album and hitting the stage harder than ever with more world wide and national acts.Look for these guys to be every where this coming year.